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Over a decade treating Brazos Valley businesses. We do pest control for some of the most notable businesses in Bryan / College Station. Join our client list! We'll handle all of your pest control needs.


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Commercial Pest Control

We do pest control for some of the most notable businesses in Bryan / College Station. Join our client list! We’ll handle all of your pest control needs.

THE BUGS STOP HERE! You’ve got a business to run, and the last thing you need to worry about is annoying pest and rodents. We specialize in Restaurant and Apartment applications. We offer pest control solutions that are specific to your industry:

  • Apartments
  • Restaurant
  • Retail
  • Grocery
  • Multi-Family
  • Manufacturing/Distribution
  • Financial
  • Hospitality
  • Medical
  • Office

Restaurant Pest Control

In Texas, restaurant pest control is an absolute necessity. Swoboda Pest & Termite Control, Inc. offers the best quality restaurant pest control in Aggieland. We Offer:

  • Top caliber service from courteous professionals
  • Specialized knowledge of your pest control needs
  • Services ranging from routine pest control inspections and treatments to termite and rodent protection
  • Flexible, customized service when it’s convenient for you

Apartment Complex Pest Control


Our employees are highly qualified and committed to giving you quality results. All of our treatments are guaranteed. If you have problems between treatments, we will come back at no charge. We have built our reputation on providing superior service.

Immediate Service

We provide Apartments with a 24-hour response program. We will treat any special needs you have within 24 hours from the time we are contacted. (Frequently same day service can be arranged.)


Our pesticides are low in odor and are the safest and most effective available. We use insect growth regulators that sterilize the insects and apply them in areas that will give you the best results.

Competitive Rates

Swoboda Pest & Termite Control, Inc. gives you competitive prices with guaranteed results. Our treatment includes the control of roaches, rats, mice, scorpions, Silverfish, sugar ants, and spiders.

Property Management Pest Control

Swoboda Pest & Termite Control, Inc. BAITING PROGRAM

Swoboda Pest & Termite Control, Inc. would like to introduce our customers to another approach to insect-control for treating multi-family housing. Extensive research of this advanced technology was performed by the CLOROX® and BAYER® Corporations on the use of baits in multi-family housing. Through extensive research, this method has proven more effective than the traditional use of spraying pesticides.

Swoboda Pest & Termite Control, Inc. BAITING PROGRAM IS:

Easy to schedule: Your SPC technician will visit your property weekly to perform our baiting program along with any special requests you might have. Your entire property will still have the same complete re-treat standard policy (Re-treats at no charge an any regular weekly service day). With our service, scheduling will be convenient.

Very Convenient: The convenience of this method is that residents will not have to empty their cabinets and drawers and can remain at home during the treatment process.

THE MAIN THEORY behind this method of Pest Elimination is that instead of spraying and fogging and killing about 10 – 20% of the roach infestation, they are fed an attractive food product. They then return to their nests, exposing the majority of the population to the bait, killing roaches we may not be able to see. If new roaches come in to these areas they too take the bait and repeat the process for the life of the bait (up to one year in most cases).

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