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Mosquito Control in College Station TX

Mosquito Control | October 7, 2017

In a normal year, mosquitoes are a concern. They are not only pests but they spread many diseases too. You might read a lot that standing water is a big issue with mosquitoes and their breeding, but water is loosely defined. Mosquitoes need water for the larval stage of their life cycle, but the female mosquito will happily lay her eggs in damp, moist soil too.

Why Pest Control Is a Must Following a Hurricane

Hurricanes are destructive but they damage that they cause lasts many seasons if not years. When it comes to mosquitoes and disease control, that statement is even more true. Keep reading to learn more about why all this water is a big problem for homeowners and renters throughout the Bryan, Texas area.

The problems start off with the fact that mosquitoes only require damp soil to lay their eggs and hurricanes increase the opportunity for a mosquito population to rapidly expand. Some of the effects of all the water Harvey dumped will fuel a late season breeding frenzy among mosquitoes. This means that around the Bryan and College Station area you will likely see more mosquitoes this fall. As dreadful as that sounds, the real problem is likely to be next spring and early summer. Here’s why.

Mosquito eggs need to dry out before they hatch, at least the last batch of the season does. All this water leaves standing pools and a lot of moist soil. These are prime breeding areas for mosquitoes As the last days of summer and the early fall weather cause more water to dry up, mosquito eggs become dry too and that primes them for hatching when it rains again. If the winter is mild, there will be swarms of mosquitoes all over Texas. Therefore, homeowners need a qualified pest control specialist.

Right now, and through fall, is the time to deal with next year’s mosquito problems. There are DIY products and some may work well in small standing pools of water, but not for treating damp soil. In addition, adding a chemical to water dilutes the chemical. To address mosquitos control properly pesticides used in water must be dosed correctly. Also, you must consider the source of water and what the implications are for treating it. Not every pool of water is treatable, especially around wells.

Mosquitoes Are More than Pests

Mosquitoes are perhaps that insect that spreads the most types of disease. They are vectors for malaria, various forms of encephalitis, yellow fever, West Nile virus, and many others. Some of these diseases have treatments and others have no treatment and no cure. It is important to understand the role that mosquitoes play in human health and wellbeing. It is also important that people talk about this and recognize its potential for doing harm.

Learn more about mosquito control and pest management by reaching out to our team with your questions. We provide quality and licensed pest control services throughout the Bryan and College Station communities.

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