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Pest Control Articles - Swoboda Pest Control College Station, TX

Cockroach Control in Bryan, Texas

Pest Control | October 14, 2017

Cockroach Control in Bryan, Texas

Mosquito Control in College Station TX

Mosquito Control | October 7, 2017

Rodent Control in Bryan, Texas

Rodent Control | October 1, 2017

Rodent Control in Bryan, Texas

How To Check For Bed Bugs

Bedbug Control | September 28, 2017

Bedbug Feeding From Host

5 Plant Eating Pests

Garden Pests | September 21, 2017

Locust / Grasshopper Plant Eating Pest

What To Do About Carpenter Bees

Pest Control | September 14, 2017

Carpenter Bee In Wood DIY Bee Home

Carpenter bees act aggressive, and they damage homes and outdoor structures. There are a couple of things that you can do to help dissuade carpenter bees from eating your home. Read on to learn more. About Carpenter Bees Carpenter bees are semi-social. They are not like honey bees or yellowjackets. They might form loose colonies […]

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DIY Wasp Control

Pest Control | September 7, 2017

DIY Wasp Control

Almost everywhere you go around Bryan, Texas you find wasps. Around your home, you can help keep wasp populations under control by employing DIY projects that are both safe and effective. Read on to learn more. Wasps Are Scavengers And Predators Food collection is the big drive behind yellowjackets and hornets. They will happily make […]

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Rat Typhus And Other Disease Spread by Fleas

Pest Control | September 1, 2017

Flea Possibly From Rat

The Texas Health and Human Service web page goes into detail about Murine Typhus, which is a fleaborne version of Typhus that is spread by flea on rats. Typhus has an amazing history. It is what stopped both of Napoleon’s armies. That version of typhus was caused by body lice and it killed off more […]

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Ants – DIY and Professional Ant Control

Ant Control | August 28, 2017

Ants - DIY and Professional Ant Control

Spiders in Byran Texas and College Station

Pest Control | August 21, 2017

Spiders in Byran Texas and College Station

Texas is a big state and it is home to over 900 species of spiders, of which only three are known to be dangerous to humans. Those three are the Black Widow, Brown Recluse, and the Hobo Spider, which is a recent import from Europe. That means that somewhere around 897 species of spiders found […]

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