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Rodent Control in Bryan, Texas

Rodent Control | October 1, 2017

Rodent Control in Bryan, Texas

Rodents are a very large group of critters, and most of them are common pests. Around homes and in businesses rats, mice, and squirrels are the most common; and those three types of rodents are enough to cause huge financial losses for businesses and expensive repairs to homes.

The bad news: fall is the prime time for rodent invasions for both homes and businesses throughout the Bryan and College Station area. Here’s what you can do to stop rodents from eating their way into your business, home, and profits.

How to Control Rodent Infestations for Good

Fall is the time of year when food begins to get scarce, and as the weather changes, rodents begin to look for better housing. That often means your home or your business. All organisms have a basic set of needs, and without being proactive, we supply many of the needs for all types of rodents. Here is what you can do to make your home or business less of a target.

  • Remove Food – In homes, there is so much food around that mice and rats can live happily for all their short lives. Make food inaccessible. Make sure crumbs and scraps are cleaned up and discarded outside in the garbage or compost. Put dry foods, such as cereals in rigid plastic containers with air-tight lids. Make to feed pets on a schedule, remove uneaten food, and store pet food in plastic containers.
  • Remove Shelter – Rodents all need shelter as they are food sources for many predators. By denying them shelter, they won’t stay. You can remove shelter by making sure that outside entries into and under your home or business are sealed up tight.
  • Use an experienced pest control company with the knowledge to use humane, environmentally friend, baits and traps to remove and control the rodent population.

For more information about rodents, their habits and how to win at keeping them out of your home or business, just reach out to our team. We are licensed and experienced for pest control services throughout the Bryan, Texas area.

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